Next developments

So, since one year we did develop a heart failure detector. For a proof of concept, it works quite well and it is open source.
The making of was documented on Hackaday:

We invite you to review this work, adapt it, and sell it in the format that fits the best your goals and capabilities. If you need help just ask us with the contact form:

Now is the time to plan our next steps.
First we observe that technology is often a bit arrogant when it comes to medicine.
It is not because a heart is detected as having some problem at some time that the patient problem is solved. What is detected could be the sign of many disorders and thus doesn’t tell what is wrong. This heart problem may be transient or linked to another condition. It may not exist at all. It is the role of the family doctor to capture the full picture and prioritize issues and define treatments.

What we envision is a kind of tooling for family doctors that is coupled to a physiology model. It is actually an extension of what doctors use today, it is not a revolution. Today doctors can browse conditions and remedies on their computer according to parameters they define.
What are missing are the data sources, that for now are provided through medical diagnosis that is the realm of specialists.

Ideally, no new software should be installed on the doctor’s computer, she would securely access the physiology modeling tool through her browser. And this physiology modeling tool would access her data sources securely without the doctor’s IT service having to install them.


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