Most older people experience after 50 years some problem related to their heart. The most insidious conditions are the ones, like diabetes and heart failure, that evolve very slowly but have a dramatic outcome.
We started to work on a point of care device, composed of a low cost Doppler device with a trained classifier, to detect suspicion of Heart Failure in primary care.
This is probably our most ambitious project as it is the first that will be available commercially everywhere at a very low price (~$150).

Building a telecommunication network, in a desert area, in a few days, seems an impossible task.
We propose a solution using the mesosphere for light scattering as a Cell tower substitute for desert zones.

* Currently there is no portable device that can check diseases of the aging eye such as: Glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, Diabetic retinopathy, etc.
We propose a contactless design that makes it possible to analyze eyes’ biomarkers at home with passive infrared radiation.

* Designing non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an incredibly complex problem that presents a number of challenging medical and technological hurdles. Quality in our CGM proposal comes from the number of technologies used to increase measurement precision as well as having a sound physiological model relying measurements of proxy biomarkers to the context and to the blood glucose level.

The Cleveland Clinic was searching new technologies to mitigate adaptation of prostate cancer cells to new drugs. Prostate cancer cells produce DHT (an androgen). There are multiple routes that may lead to the production of DHT. If a treatment blocks production of DHT through one pathway, prostate cancer cells may eventually switch over to a different pathway.
The method of detection of androgens had to occur in real time with continuous monitoring, in live cells in tissue culture and that monitoring should be done at the level of single cells. Our proposal was based on Raman spectroscopy.
Label free technologies, such as Raman spectroscopy, accelerate research, as they enable instantaneous discovery of unknown molecules, where labeling technologies imply some pre-existing knowledge about the molecule to discover.

We did find a drug for eczema, that had a market authorization but that was without valid IP, so it could be manufactured at low cost.

We invented and received an award for a tool to deactivate abandoned chemical warfare. The challenge was to propose a solution for deactivating abandoned chemical warfare that are found everywhere without having to open or even move them. In addition the solution had to be built with off the self components and be ready in six months. It had to be transportable by aircraft.
While we received a price for the solution, we never know who initiated this challenge, DARPA tested in 2013 (after we sent our proposal) a solution very close to what we had proposed.