Early and low cost detection of Heart Failure

Heart failure (HF) is a complex heart syndrome. It prevents the heart from fulfilling the circulatory demands of the body. It takes 10 years to progress from Stage I to Stage IV (severe). There is no remedy. Being able to detect the development of chronic diseases at an early stage is instrumental to preventive care.

We propose to use a point of care device, composed of a low cost Doppler device with a trained classifier, to detect suspicion of HF in primary care.

The project will be composed of three stages:

– Stage 0:
Fetal Doppler and Linux box. Initially we propose to the community to use the excellent code from Physionet 2016. However we proposed later a very simplified and much easier software that can use a Linux box (Whatever from a PC to a Raspberry Pi using a Linux distribution) where Java is installed.
The heart sound to analyze must be in Wav format. It can be acquired with a separate device ranging from a casual microphone to an inexpensive fetal heart Doppler.
The software can be found at:

– Stage 1:
This phase is a dedicated device combining an ultrasound probe and the associated software. This hardware and software will be open source and will be sold on a marketplace similar to Tindie.

– Stage 2:
In this last phase hardware (phase 1 + fibrous tissue detection) will be also under a BSD or MIT license. However a commercial license will be available. Support will be offered for this detector, and if financing enables it, a market authorization will be pursued in EU. We welcome any supporting proposal for this stage. A Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding platform may be used also.